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All our electric are made to the highest standards, using only the best materials available. We feel that the extra exspence in using the finest EQ systems and pickups is far outweighted by the quailty, versatility and superior sound, giving you a hugh range to suit any possible playing style and invironment . Our pickups are hand wound to our specification by a major manufacturer. They can be left in our ebony look plastic or covered in matching body face wood.

Triple coil pickups on deluxe EQ's are wired to be switchable between single coil and triple coil. Double coil pickups on deluxe EQ's are wired to be switchable between series and parallel For full EQ and Pickup specs please contact us.

Standard EQ System
Standard EQ System Active
Standard EQ System Passive
Deluxe EQ System
Deluxe EQ System Active
Deluxe EQ System Passive

Soap bars

Good deep sound with plenty of growl fingerstyle or retro-slap

- Can be switched between series/paralle
- Passive or Active

Single Coil

Nice and warm sound with a more driven sound finger style and modern slap

- Cannot be series/parallel
- Active or Passive

Triple Coil

Big Boys with Big Sound, the best of both worlds

- Can be switched between triple coil and single coil
- Passive only