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Custom Bass Guitar

Here at Ruach we still make basses by hand in the traditional way, individually hand crafting each one to your specification, It is our aim to build some of the best basses available today.

Choose from our 3 body styles, 2 electric EQ systems, single, double or triple coil pickups and almost any wood combination you like, you can even choose your favorite neck shape.

 Of course you might like to custom design your own body shape. All basses can made with ergomomic body and headstock for extra comfort or with a hollow body for that fatter sound.

Choose your favourite fret size on fretted basses and on fretless between lined, unlined or hidden fret lines. All necks are planed and set up for your string gauge, so that almost no truss rod tension is needed leaving the woods to really sing, giving much greater sutain plus clarity of tone and sound.

All basses come with a Hiscox liteflite case, strap locks and a certificate of authenticity signed by the maker. A birth to completion CD containing colour photos of the construction of your bass can be ordered before construction begins.

Left handed basses at no extra cost.